Where Children's Hospital Could Have Done Better

  • While Children’s Hospital’s efforts to identify and contain the infection were extraordinary, the hospital’s efforts to inform the families of those impacted were not as robust as they could have been.

  • Children’s Hospital now has a full disclosure policy, to tell families of all affected patients, living or however long deceased, about hospital acquired infections.

Lessons Learned

  • Children’s Hospital learned from this experience and has shared lessons learned and best practices with staff and other pediatric hospitals.

What the Experts are Saying

  • Dr. Tom Chiller, a CDC medical epidemiologist who specializes in fungi, said that Children’s Hospital did "a fantastic job.”

  • DHH stated, "While Louisiana law does not require reporting of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), the hospital in this case took the prudent step of reporting the situation to DHH because its own internal investigation identified several patients with the infection over an extended period of time in 2008 and 2009.”



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