Source: CDC Report in the Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal 2014

  • As reported by the CDC, mucormycosis was not the primary cause of death in any of the patients.

  • Each of the patients were critically ill and were suffering from the following conditions:

    • Patient A: Three months premature, Renal failure, respiratory failure, acidotic and sepsis.

    • Patient B: Total anomalous pulmonary venous return, acidotic and dextrocardia.

    • Patient C: Histiocytosis, acidotic, and anasarca.

    • Patient D: Mitral valve replacement, renal failure, cardiac arrest, acidotic and embolic stroke.

    • Patient E: Graft versus host disease, aplastic anemia, diabetes mellitus, acidotic and sepsis.

CLICK HERE to read the entire report from the CDC.



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