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Children's Hospital, New Orleans

Patient Satisfaction Survey Results for Inpatient Acute Care Units, 2011-2013

Responses to these questions are on a scale of 1 5201120122013
Admitted in timely manner4.344.424.66
Staff helped us get settled and answered questions4.74.834.86
Room was clean and ready4.644.744.8
Satisfied with cleanliness of room4.494.634.69
Satisfied with how often linens were changed4.364.454.49
Housekeeping was friendly and courteous4.634.714.79
Satisfied with privacy4.774.864.89
Satisfied with call button response4.654.814.81
Staffed knocked before entering4.784.864.9
Staff addressed child by name4.754.854.87
Staff introduced themselves and said what they were going to do4.754.834.87
Halls were quiet at night4.694.774.76
Doctors were available4.654.764.78
I had confidence and trust in the doctors4.744.844.9
The doctors were concerned4.784.854.92
The nurses were available to answer questions and concerns4.734.884.88
I had confidence and trust in the nurses4.754.864.89
The nurses were concerned4.754.884.89
The pain was what I was told it would be4.674.774.75
Staff did everything they could to control pain4.744.844.85
I was told about nature of tests, procedures and medications4.794.874.9
My child received good, safe care4.794.884.9
I was satisfied with the overall care4.764.884.9
Staff was interested in making stay as comfortable as possible4.784.894.91


Responses to these questions are on a scale of 1 10201120122013
My opinion of Children's Hospital before my child's stay8.768.758.92
My opinion of Children's Hospital after my child's stay9.349.589.68
N:1145N: 674N: 799