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Children's Hospital, New Orleans

Infectious Disease
Appointments: (504) 896-9820
Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Monday - Friday
Locations: Children's Hospital, Main Campus
Rodolfo E Bégué, MD, Chief Infectious Diseases
Ronald D. Wilcox, MD
Lorna M. Seybolt, MD

Fellow in Training:
Paola Maurtua, MD (2nd year fellow)
Margot Anderson, MD (1st year fellow)

The Infectious Diseases Department provides inpatient and outpatient evaluation of children with any type of suspect or proven infectious disease. Consultation is provided on diagnostic evaluation, treatment alternatives and advice on prophylaxis.

Inpatient Consultations:
Inpatient consultation is provided to patients in general pediatrics, surgical, intensive care and oncology services.

Outpatient Clinics:
Depending on the case, most treatment is coordinated with the primary care provider.

Five simultaneous specialized clinics are provided:
  • General Infectious Diseases Clinic: provides evaluation of patients with chronic or recurrent infections, advice on antibiotic treatment, fever of unknown origin, tuberculosis, exposure to infectious diseases, especially vaccines, etc. 
  • HIV Clinic: comprehensive evaluation and management of children and their families affected by human immunodeficiency virus. For more information on HIV / AIDS, click here.
  • Travelerís Clinic: a Certified Center providing advice on preventive measures, medications and vaccinations to minimize the risk of acquiring an infectious disease during international travel. For more information on travelers' health, click here.
  • Clinic for Internationally Adopted Children (CIAC): as part of the Travelerís Clinic, advice is provided to parents traveling abroad for adoption, including review of the child's medical documents. Comprehensive evaluation of the adopted child is provided on arrival to the U.S. Emphasis is given to evaluation of potential infections acquired before adoption, need for immunizations and assessment of developmental milestones including speech, hearing and vision screenings. A comprehensive plan is then coordinated with the primary care provider. For more information, click here.
  • Viral Hepatitis Clinic: in collaboration with the Pediatric Gastroenterology team children with chronic hepatitis B and C are seen and evaluated. Comprehensive care is provided and treatment is initiated and monitored for those children in whom it is indicated. For more information on hepatitis, click here.
For questions, email or contact the Infectious Disease Department at 504-896-9820.

   Rodolfo Begue, MD
Chief, Infectious Diseases, Childrenís Hospital
Professor of Pediatrics, LSU Health Sciences Center

Professional School:
Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia School of Medicine, Lima, Peru
Specialty Training:
State University of New York
Brown University School of Medicine
Special Interests:
Infectious diseases, vaccines, traveler's medicine

In Area Since: 1994
In Practice Since: 1992
Ronald D. Wilcox, MD
Staff, Infectious Diseases, Children's Hospital
Associate Professor of Internal Medicine & Pediatrics, LSU Health Sciences Center

Professional School:
University of Kansas
Specialty Training:
LSU Health Sciences Center, New Orleans
Special Interests:
HIV, Hepatitis C

In Area Since: 1993
In Practice Since: 1993

Lorna M. Seybolt, MD
Staff, Infectious Diseases, Children's Hospital

Professional School:
University of Connecticut School of Medicine
Boston University School of Med. Pediatric Infectious
Maine Medical Center Infectious Disease