Clinic for Internationally Adopted Children

The Clinic for Internationally Adopted Children, based at Children’s Hospital New Orleans, provides comprehensive assessment of internationally adopted children and their families, especially as it pertains to diagnosis, treatment or prevention of potential infectious diseases. Infectious, developmental and behavioral are among the most common problems encountered among internationally adopted children. Accordingly, the clinic provides assistance in the following areas:

  1. Pre-adoption evaluation for the traveling parents and their need for vaccines or other precautions while abroad (and depending on the country to be visited).
  2. Post-adoption evaluation of the adopted child once in the USA to update immunization status. Concomitantly, recommendations to update immunization on receiving family.
  3. Post-adoption evaluation of the adopted child for potential infectious problems acquired before adoption (e.g., tuberculosis, chronic hepatitis, parasitosis, dermatosis, etc).
  4. Follow-up and treatment of identified infections
  5. If needed, neurodevelopmental or other referral (e.g., dental, surgical orthopedic, etc).

If desired, parents or their pediatricians are encouraged to contact the clinic to discuss appropriateness of visit before making an appointment.

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