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Interdisciplinary Neurorehab Concussion Clinic


Concussions, one of the most common injuries following trauma, are mild brain injuries. If recognized and treated early and properly, most individuals fully recover from a single concussion. However, people who sustain multiple concussions may take longer to recover each time and are more likely to experience persistent symptoms and lifelong physical, cognitive and psychological problems. The Children’s Hospital Concussion Clinic addresses the needs of those who experience mild traumatic brain injuries and do not need intensive rehabilitation. Treatment and services include assessment of potentially overlooked injuries or ongoing problems and determination of patients’ best path to optimal recovery to facilitate school and community re-integration. The team members also provide education and recommendations for families with questions about their child’s return to school and sports activities. Services are provided by an interdisciplinary team of experienced pediatric brain injury specialists, consisting of a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician and a neuropsychologist. An interdisciplinary approach to patient care is used to quickly evaluate children after a concussion in order to facilitate a return to daily activities, such as school and sports.


Our approach includes:

  • Diagnosing concussions
  • Evaluating for physical, cognitive and emotional symptoms
  • Determining the time frame when it is safe for athletes to return to play
  • Suggesting accommodations in school, if needed

During a patient's visit, our team:

  • Discusses concussion symptoms and concerns with the patient and family
  • Assesses attention, memory, speed and balance
  • Develops a treatment plan and follow-up care
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